Monday, 2 April 2012

Security – initiating complete protection strategies

Securing data is essential as there are lots of threats which can affect the integrity of data. Apart from protecting the information, you also have to provide safety to applications as well as other services. One of the most common types of threat that you will come across is DoS (Denial of Service). It easily penetrates in to the network or the system so the best way is to block it. Establishing connection with a port can help you to identify whether the packet that you have received is genuine or not.  Packet filtering is a great option but you can even employ top security methods for your OS.

Unauthorized access is another very popular issue that is faced by network administrators. There are different kinds of unauthorized access which include data diddling, data destruction, etc. The main aim is to get the access of any system so that it can be used for extracting useful information or also to change the details. Hence to combat with such problems it is necessary that two factor authentication or three factor authentications is done. Antivirus program, firewalls, intrusion prevention etc are some methods which can be followed to keep away from such threats that can harm your systems and devices.
Security management is therefore a concept which plays crucial role.  Every business, application, school, government organization etc all needs security policies which can help them in securing the data and removing the flaws. Mere installing an antivirus program will not be sufficient but regular updating can be of immense help. Even firewalls are quite effective. You have firewalls for application gateways, packet filtering, hybrid systems etc. So according to your needs you can find out the most suitable firewall that will give efficient results. Not only the firewalls but even modems can be hazardous if you allow the incoming calls. 

The modems that you use should have strong password and any unauthorized user should be checked. Even crypto capable routers can prove helpful as it easily identifies the unknown resource and does not allow it to reach to your systems. Another every effective approach which you can pursue is to use VPN (Virtual Private Networks). This will provide easy communication with other networks that have been connected through a private leased line. According to your requirements the two parties can customize the functions and avail enhanced security. Thus by employing the correct strategy you will be able to achieve authentication, confidentiality and integrity all. 
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